About the journal

Sport and Health is the official scientific-professional journal of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the University of East Sarajevo.

The journal is published once a year (December), and publishes original scientific and professional papers by domestic and foreign authors in the field of physical education, sports, recreation, sports training theory, scientific research methodology, sports management, sports medicine, sports physiology and others. Areas that have a high degree of correspondence with physical culture.

The submitted papers are subject to a peer review process in order to select for publishing the articles meeting the standards of this journal. The reviewers’ identities are not disclosed to the authors, nor are the authors’ identities disclosed to the reviewers. When a manuscript is submitted to Sport and Health journal, it undergoes an initial prescreening by the Editorial Board in order to determine whether or not the paper fits the scope of the journal. If the Editorial Board finds the manuscript meets the journal’s minimum standards for publication, the paper then undergoes the reviewing process. In the main reviewing phase, Section Editor sends the received papers, without the name and affiliation of the authors, to two experts in the field. The electronic evaluation form used by reviewers contains a checklist in order to help referees to cover all aspects that can decide the publication. In the final section of the evaluation form, the reviewers must include observations and suggestions for improvement that are sent to the authors, without the names of the reviewers. All the reviewers of a paper remain anonymous to the authors and act independently before, during and after the evaluation process. If the decisions of the two reviewers are not the same (accept/reject), the paper is sent to a third reviewer. The final decision for publication is done by the Editor-in-chief based on the scrutiny of reviewers and the scope of the journal.